$2,500 Boat Challenge Part 2 - George/Zach Reveal Their Race Boat, the "NIGHTMARE" (smokes a lot)

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The $2,500 boat challenge is heating up... just wait and see what James and Tye brought!!!
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  • I repeat... the world is not ready for James and Tye's POS boat... I am actually jealous of it

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarlandАй мурун
    • @Arran Woollett what? saying his better than shitty youtube paid ads? Most would agree on that. His done extremely well. Doesn't need to scrape the bottom of the barrel like some peasant like yourself.

      Youknow88Youknow88Ай мурун
    • Its soo cool! Its gonna rip!! 👍🇨🇦 Hell Yeah Brother!! Eh?

      S N GarageS N GarageАй мурун
    • Don't let Whistlin hear what James said about old red there. He could show up with WaterMax 1. Red is dead.

      Idoan NohIdoan NohАй мурун
    • there is always luck in racing brother... don't worry! Big and bad sometimes sinks!

      Robert MillerRobert MillerАй мурун
    • NEXT VID!

      TrTrАй мурун
  • Hard to enjoy others blowing $2500 when you have trouble feeding your family

    Christopher NanceChristopher Nance13 күн мурун
  • its drowning in fuel man i can hear it

    The Italian DandyThe Italian Dandy13 күн мурун
  • I have a 18ft 56 inch bottom tunnel hull river boat with a 50hp Nissan it tops out at 45

    Southern SlippingSouthern Slipping24 күн мурун
  • Them motors suck

    Southern SlippingSouthern Slipping24 күн мурун
  • Love This series

    bigfish lilfishbigfish lilfish24 күн мурун
  • this is like top gear for boats and im so for it, yall HAVE to do more of this kinda stuff with boats.

  • We've got one of those Skeeter's, good little boat with a Yamaha 3cyl on it. Tops out right at 55mph on glass in a good wind ^^

    Jey LeeJey LeeАй мурун
  • That knife is a Hori Hori, or a knife you use in metal detecting, gardening, to cut and saw roots, lift dirt etc.

    Jey LeeJey LeeАй мурун
  • Holy Richard Rawlings lol

    mr machinistmr machinistАй мурун
  • Next purchase: a paddle.

    Leslley ScotteLeslley ScotteАй мурун
  • Need to get to atleast 60 mph

    armando patanearmando pataneАй мурун
  • That dude is hilarious! 😂🤣 he needs more camera time

    Shane BattenShane BattenАй мурун
  • Every time I've gone to look at a(while contemplating the purchase of) 'mechanic's-special', whether it was a box of..sh!t, pile of sh!t, or a huge, collosal piece of sh!t, or a dissolving piece of sh!t, the common thread is, it's always ended up being a lot more sh!t, than project. Just saying, it's incredibly entertaining to watch others do it as well.

    Scott Bionic NerfScott Bionic NerfАй мурун
  • Wheres the link to part 1 u guys have a link for part n tool but no link to part 1 or part 3 busch league boyz busche league

    greekgreekАй мурун
  • lean popping not enough oil in the gas

    Jason 1801Jason 1801Ай мурун
  • George is like a living comedian

    Mihail PetroviciMihail PetroviciАй мурун
  • Hate to bash your sponcer but they are a complete rip off I signed up and each box they offered me other months was actual garbage a carry bag of cloth and tie string a tiny china knife and some Little discount barn junk I looked up each item they totaled about 15 to 16 retail and I was paying over 40 bucks to have literal garbage shipped to me

    whatwhatАй мурун
  • Damn this video reinforces that George is the man

    Chris HimselfChris HimselfАй мурун
  • Y'all are going to make me make a Video of The Boat and hit the lake

    Phoenix ArizonaPhoenix ArizonaАй мурун
  • As soon as I saw a Chrysler on the first boat , I screamed RUN

    Stapleton FamilyStapleton FamilyАй мурун
  • The best dictatorship is disguised as a democracy. America where freedom isnt free.

    Alex QuinonesAlex QuinonesАй мурун
  • A plug for a winch lmfaooo

    Gerardo juarezGerardo juarezАй мурун
  • That mariner 150 going to smoke y’all

    Hodorr HodorrHodorr HodorrАй мурун
  • "She's idling!......pretty good." #georgeforprez

    kelevra558kelevra558Ай мурун
  • I waited for Jack stands the whole video damn

    Kyle.CarmichaelKyle.CarmichaelАй мурун
  • Anyone notice the title of this video in the preview screen for mobile?? Lol uhhhh racist much

    MahoneyP573MahoneyP573Ай мурун
  • Omg George is the perfect addition to the channel. Too funny

    Nick ColeNick ColeАй мурун
  • Wew. those popoff valves are WAYYY out of adjustment.

    Dale FurnoDale FurnoАй мурун
  • Let's Go, That boat is one sick unit!

    Been ScratchingBeen ScratchingАй мурун
  • Oh and by the way, that is not a black Max merc. It’s. A rebranded Chrysler force engine. I’d know it anywhere.4 cylinder tells a lot.

    cygnus1965cygnus1965Ай мурун
  • I would think about 34-36 mph when you get it dialed. Unfortunately that is about half of what the other two Will Be getting.

    cygnus1965cygnus1965Ай мурун
  • When the camera flipped around and he says " well we're stuck on the water". ..

    John ConnollyJohn ConnollyАй мурун
  • Haha a Chevy with nothing too change a tire what a surprise

    You sleep While we creepYou sleep While we creepАй мурун
  • Gota lean how to trim that sucker it will make all the difference

    pete schrampete schramАй мурун
  • SICK boat!

    bigdaddycooljbigdaddycooljАй мурун
  • Old man smuggled with that I bet

    Kenny DeeverKenny DeeverАй мурун
  • The pleasant dance geographically provide because winter behaviorally permit anenst a shrill suede. acoustic, eager bill

    Christian AnchetaChristian AnchetaАй мурун
  • Needs a stainless 4 blade and a jackplate!!!! That thing will fly

    Bluewater TravelerBluewater TravelerАй мурун
  • Got that Sandlot reference in there boys

    Dimitri SimonDimitri SimonАй мурун
  • George isn’t gonna have much luck spraying a two stroke outboard motor

    Austin BabsonAustin BabsonАй мурун
  • Lmao, lootboxes again?

    behinderteleberwurstbehinderteleberwurstАй мурун
  • Trim the motor all the way down when coming out of the hole. When up on plain start triming it up until it starts porpoising. Then trim back down until it stops. Shell be screaming then

    Brittany GarrettBrittany GarrettАй мурун
  • THE SLAP HAHA Jackstand :o 15:04

    Callum ThorpeCallum ThorpeАй мурун
  • Love these

    okeycokey2000okeycokey2000Ай мурун
  • Anyone else catch the Sandlot reference? "It was pinched shut"

    Robbie StoutRobbie StoutАй мурун
  • The weed eater 🤣🤣🤣

    cali gdpcali gdpАй мурун
  • the company should just be called random shit for 45$ a month

    Tyler CavallinTyler CavallinАй мурун
  • Anyone else get serious Top Gear vibes from these guys!

    Jimmy GriffinJimmy GriffinАй мурун
  • George's Accent is just fucking mint!!!

    George KlipfelGeorge KlipfelАй мурун
  • I can still smell the paint. That shit killed me

    Lucky LucianoLucky LucianoАй мурун
  • James looks like he's flying high aha . Love it haha

    Neverlate Fk8Neverlate Fk8Ай мурун
  • 1 generic axe from Home Depot is about $35 dollars, THAT BOX WAS DECENTTTTT

  • loved the Sandlot quote lol

    Steve McGrathSteve McGrathАй мурун
  • Throw a 300 shot of freedom at her. That’ll wake er up I reckon.

    Mr WonderfulMr WonderfulАй мурун
  • that knife would be perfect for a dude with a cocaine habit

    OverEazyOverEazyАй мурун
  • Keep spraying that spray in a 2 cycle engine, 😆

    Blown 5.0Blown 5.0Ай мурун
  • And now i'm waiting on a "One-liner" George shirt to come out ! Do your best Cleet' !!!

    ForAl lMankindForAl lMankindАй мурун
  • Look at that beauty old Hydra-Sports! I've got a 99' Hydra-Sports 171 to this day, runs 60mph with a 115 Evinrude

    Fishing OntarioFishing OntarioАй мурун
  • Cleetus gonna have to Hayabusa swap his boat if he's gonna keep up!

    SwaffyXSwaffyXАй мурун
  • George is excellent , a natural on camera and should be on the camera more often....

    Adrian ErangeyAdrian ErangeyАй мурун
  • I skip around most of the video anymore. So much dead content could be cut out.

    David GivenDavid GivenАй мурун
  • Spark plugs boys

    Spencer FlynnSpencer FlynnАй мурун
  • If you would have your buddy sit back there and choke the carbs one at a time while running at speed, it will usually clear the shit out of the jets and solve your lean running condition before it Seizes a cylinder or 2 and ruins the power head. Should of put a spoon full of oil In each cylinder and cleaned the carbs before taking it out.

    cobrasvt347cobrasvt347Ай мурун
  • 9:00 his face and the throttle pounds haha 😄 funny as hell.

    KoolBryGKoolBryGАй мурун
  • Did George quit Fasterproms and move over to Cleetus' channel?

    LS CasaLS CasaАй мурун
  • hey... ASKING FOR A FRIEND>>>> BUT ARE... ummm ARE those ''DOLLAR DEALS'' from fishing buddies that need to sell the boat bofere the wife gets it in the divorce, kinda deals LEGAL in these EVENTS???? .... asking for a FRIEND!!! :) but a boat for a dollar .... able to put 2400 into engine... 100 for gass and munchies for the first round of tests in the event... wait... yea I saw the recept already done something somplace ;)

    Alex MikhaelAlex MikhaelАй мурун
  • Patiently waiting for the James/tye RIPPER

    M KM KАй мурун
  • Did I miss something? Does George work for cleetus now??

    justah2vjustah2vАй мурун
  • George is a keeper loved his vid you added in man he’s to funny. Why’s James and George not on a team!! Rigged

    Joey SheeleyJoey SheeleyАй мурун
  • George brings back this channel to its roots and its awesome

    Jesse DiasJesse DiasАй мурун
  • Really, you stop the video at that point? Cmon Cleeter!!!!

    Michael ClarkMichael ClarkАй мурун
  • post 3.. lol.. im tryin to avoid work here.. throw me a bone

    3737Ай мурун
    • Waiting as well

      Jake LoweJake LoweАй мурун
  • Priceless brotha. Love ya George! Zach was good to.

    Richard AffonsoRichard AffonsoАй мурун
  • CLEETUS- if anyone out their is Looking for 5.0 Foxbody I have a 1990 Lincoln Mk Vii squirrels got to wiring on and doesnt look like candidate for full resto, more a Project for Hot Rod Lincoln, its listed on Tampa, Ocala,Jax and Gainesville Craigslist(auto parts) at $850 and has wire Rims, good air suspension and more. I couldnt find replacement wiring harness so nothing I can do with her, maybe a 5.0 motor to turn into Super Jet Boat. Body is straight as an Arrow and NO RUST

    Homegrown SonHomegrown SonАй мурун
  • Literally my life right now, bought a boat for $500 the other night and had a blowout on the highway at midnight, hubcap set screw was stripped so i had to drive the last 35 miles on one tire. It too is a mechanic special!

    Fat Tire GarageFat Tire GarageАй мурун
  • “Im not exactly the boat captain” Hahahahaha

    Damien SokolowskiDamien SokolowskiАй мурун
  • Damn George! Trim that motor ol buddy, you’ll gain a lot of speed if you learn how to work the trim. I only have experience with bass boat style boats, but I always start with the trim all the way down and ease it up as I build speed, if the boat starts hopping out of the water bring your trim back down.

    Cabbage HeadCabbage HeadАй мурун
  • Well looks like ya'll guys are having a great time doing this I know I'm having a good time watching make sure you don't go over your budget of 2.500

    Green13Green13Ай мурун
  • Ain’t never had a boat that ain’t named Jon.. this dudes hilarious!

    NoobyboobyNoobyboobyАй мурун
  • The last thing you opened is called a “Hori Hori” it’s for gardening, my wife uses one ☝️

  • I just love seeing George on this channel.. One hell of a pick up. It's gonna be a lot of fun...

    X CrankyOldManX CrankyOldManАй мурун
  • I hope jack stand got a hydro stream or something

    crfrider2005crfrider2005Ай мурун
  • All of yaw are gonna learn the same thing i did. They are a money pit. Everytime something goes wrong its atleast a 150 bucks. I had a 1979 glastron with a 175 hp evinrude. Well it said 175 but i bought it from my uncle and he pulled we the 175 cover off the motor and it turns out it was a 235 hp ocean runner v6. It would run 78 mph with just me in the boat and it was sketchy at best

    Vaughn HillVaughn HillАй мурун
  • Definately fuel delivery problems

    Vaughn HillVaughn HillАй мурун
  • Cleeter McFarland's boat sales inc..when you gonna open a boat sales brother. You have a aweful lot of em these days lol. God bless amd be safe buddy

    Vaughn HillVaughn HillАй мурун
  • That 100 hp in 4 cylinder doesn’t have a chance against the pink flamingo. Your only hope is Cletus’s boat quits running. If y’all was to read this, trim the motor down a little. When it starts porpoising up and down the motor is up too far at a low speed. Either speed up or trim the motor down. You might want to invest in a cheap depth finder if you don’t know the lake very well. Don’t run in water under 8’- 10’. One way to check your fuel pump is when you have the boat plained off and running the motor pretty fast, reach back and start squeezing the primer bulb. If it dies from flooding then the fuel pump is okay. If you squeeze it and it keeps running you need a fuel pump.

    David ClawsonDavid ClawsonАй мурун
  • George is so good on this channel

    jamie clarkinjamie clarkinАй мурун
  • Sandlot reference hell yea brother

    William PearsonWilliam PearsonАй мурун
  • lol. forgot to mention. my old man always said BOAT stood for Bring Out Another Thousand!

    William HardesWilliam HardesАй мурун
  • i can see james turning up with a good old 70's style mid mount ski boat? big muther V8 in it. well i'm hopin anyway.

    William HardesWilliam HardesАй мурун
  • I really like George, can we keep him please?

    wullufdudewullufdudeАй мурун
  • Trim that tuner pull the can out of those mercs lets port those suckers if time allows it. Run some 32-1 oil mix 93 with some 100 octane additive let them run till the pistons melt hell yeah

    Daniel GDaniel GАй мурун
  • She’s fast, she runs,she’s broken, she’s out of fuel, bang ,blow out ,wow 47mph,lol..

    mark immark imАй мурун
  • George is a star. And its Cleetus, we dont know this Garrett person.

    Hodges HouseHodges HouseАй мурун
  • Ooooh cliffhanger 😂😂🤣

    Timothy DulanTimothy DulanАй мурун
  • aussie jet boat

    MechanertainmentMechanertainmentАй мурун
  • 10:28 sandlot reference lol.

    SRT Viper 51SRT Viper 51Ай мурун
  • Race finnegan 😂😂

    Adam GaronAdam GaronАй мурун
  • thats not a knife this is a knife

    matt kuklamatt kuklaАй мурун