The Marauder Once Again Establishes Dominance Over ANY Modern Sports Car... (Can it be beat?)

If you guys are looking for tickets to Saturday's show, go here!
Boy, that stock 32V in the Marauder is just screaming... what can beat it this Saturday?
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  • Who's coming to see the Marauder dominate on Saturday??

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland2 ай мурун
    • Take and put in the FWD fuse in the Sti to disable the AWD and see if it makes an improvement in time. Curious to see the difference.

      Luke GodinLuke Godin27 күн мурун
    • Is the Marauder a stock grand marquise? Cause thats my car but grey.

      Gabrial AbbottGabrial AbbottАй мурун
    • Good to see hollie my dog just died I just had him for 16 years

      mexadankus !mexadankus !Ай мурун
    • Racing the Ford dually lmao 🏆

      PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
    • Yea 4.0L rangers got nuts.

      Mike HMike H2 ай мурун
  • Modern day sports car the 240sx is prbly older

    Ultra NationUltra Nation12 күн мурун
  • Ford fuckin Ranger

    hofhathofhat16 күн мурун
  • You redeemed yourself with this vid. Good job.hell ya brother!!!!

    thomas lyonthomas lyon17 күн мурун
  • Man, this is too much fun, I need to emigrate over from the UK!

    hardergamerhardergamer19 күн мурун
  • sad the STI driver doesn't know how to launch and was being a pussy... ahhh well....

    DocsisDocsis23 күн мурун
  • You need a Range Rover Sport SVR or Jaguar F-Pace SVR as your daily drive

    Darren JonesDarren Jones24 күн мурун
  • Ok 350 nice gaping

    Oscar The grouchOscar The grouch25 күн мурун
  • sti needed driver mod

    Computer GamerComputer Gamer25 күн мурун
  • That "stock"marauder suprises me every time🤷‍♂️😁

    Paul Rivers "Red"Paul Rivers "Red"28 күн мурун
  • You should soup up a ranger now!🤷‍♂️😁🤣

    Paul Rivers "Red"Paul Rivers "Red"28 күн мурун
  • I want a poster for bot ruby and leeroy that would be awesome and if it was signed itd be worth my left nut put em up there on the website im hype about that

    Shane BroomShane BroomАй мурун
  • Toast poster!!!!

    Adam VanderburAdam VanderburАй мурун
  • All Sti's (even the ones that don't break) are slow ASF.

    Norse Viking ÆsirNorse Viking ÆsirАй мурун
  • "Dang that thing's stock! And fast!"

    Eduardo MezaEduardo MezaАй мурун
  • Awesome stuff

    Set BurhedSet BurhedАй мурун
  • The inside lane has a huge advantage and should start from behind at least a car length

    Jason RJason RАй мурун
  • Shoulda been 3 laps

    SSG LiveSSG LiveАй мурун
  • I think the driver of the crown was heavier than the Ranger truck 😬

    SSG LiveSSG LiveАй мурун
  • F350 was by far the best one 😂

    samuel tamblynsamuel tamblynАй мурун
  • Stock marauder 🤣🤣🤣

    Jamie MurphyJamie MurphyАй мурун
  • Subie would win them all if the guy driving new how to drive it .

    in motionin motionАй мурун
  • 13:56 GAPPED!

    Kristopher HasenbuhlerKristopher HasenbuhlerАй мурун
  • We just gonna ignore the fact that Cleetus jumped on the Subi? Guess chase is the race 😆

    MichaelMichaelАй мурун
  • I fucking love mercury marauders

    Aiden HarrisonAiden HarrisonАй мурун
  • Yewww

    Joegold17Joegold17Ай мурун
  • Did anyone catch that shameless plug on rockets valve covers he snuck in??😅

    Phillip WisePhillip WiseАй мурун
  • You should do two laps and the divers have to stay in their lane and the on the second lap they switch lanes. 😎

    Addison MillerAddison MillerАй мурун
  • Next time you start a fire...bring a Stihl backpack blower... it's awesome...

    T FT FАй мурун
  • Ain't no way that Marauder is stock.

    D GD GАй мурун
  • 8:18 thats a Ford frickin ranger!!!

    Yvette RolleYvette RolleАй мурун
  • Yeah "stock"

    KeithKeithАй мурун
  • DANG that thing is stock.

    Ian McBrydeIan McBrydeАй мурун
  • 😁

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • Was thinking bout changing my oil and cruising down maybe next summer

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • Trophy for not hitting Armadillo , 🏆

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • A Mauader fender is basically your lil car buddy

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • I'm crazy about a Merury mybad

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • Ohh one your bad welds..(.no hesitations).. No..keeps talking... 😆

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • Ranger needs huge CB antenna's lol

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • Fire that blazer driver he should be ashamed

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • Dat F three FItty wew

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • I found the ultimate sleeper for dat track. My 05 Dakota AWD..50/50 weight and 300hp 4.7H point OHh no MAURADER

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • I hit a dang deer in my mercury GRand marquise L S so please keep that MerCUry MAURADER running stock n fast til my Mercury GRANDMArquis L S not to be confused with the wimpy GM Ls. Js lol frfr I'm making a white MAURADER as your arch enemy friend.

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • Dang that thing is fast and stock

    PrettyRicky RCPrettyRicky RCАй мурун
  • The 4 liter rangers do rip pretty good

    turbanwearersblowturbanwearersblowАй мурун
  • everything else was cool but seeing a dually 6.7 F-350 go around a circle track was fuckin great

    Boom_n_ZoomerBoom_n_ZoomerАй мурун
  • You underestimated that 3.0. Still need more power though

    Mike JonesMike JonesАй мурун
    • I have a 90s probe with the same 3.0 engine. She lovely brother

      Mike JonesMike JonesАй мурун
  • Ford f***in ranger!!!!

    john morrisjohn morrisАй мурун
  • He didn't hit the armadilla!

    Elijah CooleyElijah CooleyАй мурун
  • Lmao rerun .. no faith

    Thatoldford 351Thatoldford 351Ай мурун
  • He kind if looks like Owen Wilson lol.

    Travis FergusonTravis FergusonАй мурун
  • It’s as stock as it is fast.

    BlasticianBlasticianАй мурун
  • Next spectacular drag needs to have a class for full size trucks I'd like to run my silverado

    Scott CannonScott CannonАй мурун
  • Damn that stock and fast lol

    Michael FontaineMichael FontaineАй мурун
  • Does anyone know if i as aSwede living in Sweden can sign up for the RPMACT?

    christian lekströmchristian lekströmАй мурун
  • I’ve got several friends with the sti, always losing guys they challenge. Still can’t get them to run against the s4 or s6 “stock”😏

    dieselpwr782dieselpwr782Ай мурун
  • Can't believe the 1 ton with all of that weight beat the blazer.

    Doug LeitzDoug LeitzАй мурун
  • Cleetus dont try that !!! That maurader isnt stock!! ... its fast for sure

    Peoples Ambassador DMPeoples Ambassador DMАй мурун
  • One of the funnest videos I’ve watched. More of this please

    Bill StonerBill StonerАй мурун
  • Power to weight ratio... Ranger roughly 10 pounds per hp... Vic Is close to double that, only place the Vic will take the ranger is 1/4 mile type thing but y'all already know that

    Le Roy Van VuurenLe Roy Van VuurenАй мурун
  • Please do not ever bring back a limited edition item like a poster, it lowers the value of posters already out there.

    Scrapsteen Life In The ForksScrapsteen Life In The ForksАй мурун
  • A 370z is what beats thattt

    Carlos PerezCarlos PerezАй мурун
  • Y’all should have a diesel dually class

    Stacy ReidStacy ReidАй мурун
    • It would probably be a bunch of 6.4 throwaway trucks

      Zach SteeleZach SteeleАй мурун
  • Finally races whith cars i can afford 🥲

    TheDallas75217TheDallas75217Ай мурун
  • Race like this the best mod is a driver mod.

    Brett SchullerBrett SchullerАй мурун
  • My boss has the 3rd marauder ever made. Pretty cool. It’s never seen a drop of rain or a flake of snow

    Bobby BlairBobby BlairАй мурун
    • @Richard Barkley very possible haha that’s just what he told me. He said he bought it the year they started making them and has kept it since. He also has like 3 town cars in perfect condition

      Bobby BlairBobby BlairАй мурун
    • It got rained on being transported. I promise

      Richard BarkleyRichard BarkleyАй мурун
  • the absolute superiority of the ford ranger is un-debatible

    Owen StormOwen StormАй мурун
  • Also maybe power difference classes off set at the start

    Graeme SearGraeme SearАй мурун
  • You should measure the distance so both vehicles are going the same distance

    Graeme SearGraeme SearАй мурун

    JimJimАй мурун
  • Me:thinking about bringing my deleted diesel Cletus: no full sized trucks Me: well dang

    Ethan CloudEthan CloudАй мурун
  • Maybe make a poster of Ruby and her fastest time on the board, like a split screen!

    Ryan StraughanRyan StraughanАй мурун
  • That Ranger probably only weighs 3200-3500#

    J SchermerhornJ SchermerhornАй мурун
  • "Stock Marauder" stututututuutututtutuuuu

    Jack GriebelJack GriebelАй мурун
  • Remember just take the R off of ranger and what you got anger!

    Bob DaileyBob DaileyАй мурун
  • That F350 on the high line I think can take the Maurauder…

    Steven SmithSteven SmithАй мурун
  • The nova on a poster for sure

    DeadBroke Racing Channel -DeadBroke Racing Channel -2 ай мурун
  • HAHA, That Blazer looked like a HotWheel next to that F350

    KrazeeeOneKrazeeeOne2 ай мурун
  • Subaru owners are the absolute worst people in the car community. They produce their own smugness for a brand that is not even halfway decent that makes lackluster cars at best.

    hooniganlifehooniganlife2 ай мурун
  • I think the bandit big rig series needs to come to the freedom factory!!

    Noah HansonNoah Hanson2 ай мурун
  • Leroy poster 🤘

    kyle canningkyle canning2 ай мурун
  • I've beat numerous v6 rangers in a 99 marquis. Driver error scared of corners

    The IlluzionThe Illuzion2 ай мурун
  • Hey Cleetus, Great specticle again. Keep up the good work. Living in Germany right now and as you know there's stretches of freeway without speed limit. Seeing this video I really get the impression those big american cars can't corner at all!! Would be interesting pitting those cars against a bone stock mercedes C230 with only 170 HP. I think you might be surprised what those puppies can do in the corners.

    Erik WeijlingErik Weijling2 ай мурун
  • Whooooo raaaaaa for the golden retriever

    ruzi62ruzi622 ай мурун

    Devin BuchhornDevin Buchhorn2 ай мурун
  • Im still waiting on the restock 😭 any updates?

    Teresa OrtizTeresa Ortiz2 ай мурун
  • Lol vacuum leak

    Ethan RochesterEthan Rochester2 ай мурун
  • if you think a ranger is light, hooooh boy you should see what a Saturn SL2 can do!

    Digital StealthDigital Stealth2 ай мурун
  • Doing this with spectator cars seems dangerous as F***, but I can't wait to see it 😂

    2S1L3NT2S1L3NT2 ай мурун
  • “It’s custom with a k” James

    Gaming channel 123Gaming channel 1232 ай мурун
  • Recycle those boxes you stupid hicks

    TTime685TTime6852 ай мурун
  • I didn't know Florida has armadillos

    ChevTec GroupChevTec Group2 ай мурун
  • Should be run as a figure-8 to keep the distances equal

    ChevTec GroupChevTec Group2 ай мурун
  • Where are the wieners for the hot dogs barbeque, for lunch at the new shop. You're just lucky I'm not bringing my wife's Honda out there for spectators drag.

    GaryLordsWayMinistryGaryLordsWayMinistry2 ай мурун
  • Put up a similar lexus ls430 against it

    joe schmojoe schmo2 ай мурун
  • You should get a drag strip there 😳

    Иuсleая РотдтоИuсleая Ротдто2 ай мурун
  • Lol major vacuum leak

    brandon proffitbrandon proffit2 ай мурун
  • Dude driving the subaru was garbage. 700 Lbs less, more hp, and awd. I love the Marauder, but its not the better car here, this was driver skill.

    skillithead666skillithead6662 ай мурун
    • Stock Marauders run about 6.1 0-60 on a good day ( I owned one for 8 years), thats been proven for about 2 decades, "Stock". The only vehicle there slower than that was the cobalt. So its either not "stock" or the other drivers have no clue at all what they are doing. My old 2006 Civic SI could hang with a Marauder.

      skillithead666skillithead6662 ай мурун
  • “That thing has a bad vacuum leak” vacuum leaks done sound like that nice try guys 👍🏽😂😂. love the vids

    BOOSTED H22A4BOOSTED H22A42 ай мурун
    • But in my experience they can sound totally different at times or not even sound like one but I believe you are right on this one tho🤷‍♂️

      Paul Rivers Paul Rivers "Red"28 күн мурун